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I was watching Dr.Oz and came acrossed a very interesting show about Vitamin D deficiancy..My daughter has had all of these unexplainable ailments.. I told her to ask her Dr. to do some blood work. Low and Behold my daughter is vitamin d. deficiant..I am so angry.. When reading these comments it has helped me , as what is being discussed are things that that she is exe.niprceinge. We did nut understand what was going on..
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So frequencies of lineages can be different North Vs. South.Well, that"s it. I don"t understand what you mean with all the rest. But anyhow I"m not pointing out to Y-DNA (which normally does not say too much about overall ancestry) but what autosomal data (e.g. Bauchet 2007 and others) do seem to indicate - albeit in absence of an Itlcian-speaific component that I believe must exist.
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