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อ่านคำถามแล้ว เหมือนจะไม่ใช่ดวงคุณเอง แล้วคำถามทำนองนี้ ทางเรามักไม่ตอบอยู่แล้ว เพราะไม่เห็นประโยชน์ครับ ดังนั้นขอไม่ตอบนะครับ

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It’s probably because of the bimbo nurse so often seen in shows. The little hat, the little skirt, the little shirt the large breasts pop out of… that’s all the stupid stereotype created, and unfortunately it has peS.mstedsroie people are quite thick, and because of that these stereotypes linger on the surface when associating certain things.Maybe you should keep a picture of yourself posing at work, and when you mention you’re a nurse, pull it out of your wallet! That will stop the silly stereotype in its tracks!
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What a plrseuae to meet someone who thinks so clearly
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The forum is a brhgiter place thanks to your posts. Thanks!
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Thanks for your thoghuts. It"s helped me a lot.
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